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Bespoke Run Coaching - Road to Trail, 5km to Ultra-marathon.

Run happy

Now Available for Online Coaching

About me


I began my running journey during rehabilitation after sustaining a traumatic brain injury while serving in the Royal Marines. Following the injury, I encountered significant vestibular issues, and my balance physiotherapy initially involved walking on trails. Eventually, walking evolved into jogging, jogging into running, and before I knew it, running had become a significant part of my life. Several years down the line, I now actively compete in top-level ultra and trail races worldwide. I hold qualifications as a UESCA Ultra Running Coach and an England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness.

With years of coaching experience in endurance sports, my specialization includes ultra, trail, mountain, and road running. I have successfully coached triathletes and individuals returning from extended breaks due to various reasons, including surgeries such as meniscus tears.

While personal running experience isn't a prerequisite for successful coaching, I often get inquiries about my own running journey from prospective athletes. I have diverse experience across different disciplines, ranging from road to trail and 5k to ultra-marathons, with a focus on the 100-200-mile distance on steep, technical trails. I consider myself a perpetual student of the sport, continuously learning from mentors such as GB Athletes, record holders like Damian Hall, Dan Lawson, and Darren Evans.

Despite being relatively early in my competitive running career, I have achieved considerable success in races, particularly on trails, boasting wins, course records, and podium finishes. Notably, I secured first-place finishes and course records at the UK Ultra 100 mile, Copthorne races 50 mile and 50k (simultaneously!), clinched victory in the U25 age group category at the Beachyhead marathon, and earned several more podium spots. Currently hold the FKT for the world famous Milford Track in New Zealand's Southern Alps. I've also faced setbacks, providing valuable learning experiences. 

I advocate for enjoying the process and prioritizing long-term consistency in training. This involves sustainable practices that balance long-term health, consistent training, and enjoyment. Consistency is key, emphasizing smart and sometimes cautious approaches, always thinking long-term. Nutrition plays a crucial role, and I promote healthy food-body relationships, utilizing the outdoors and running for enhanced mental and physical well-being among my athletes.


Beyond coaching, I am a founding member of The Green Runners, championing sustainability, diversity, and disability in sports. Additionally, I contribute to TeamPolice, the sister company of TeamForces, working to promote well-being through sports for members of the Policing Family and Armed Forces.

Happy running!

Aj run coaching


A process-driven running life is the first step to being a happy runner long term. Because you are enough, every day, no matter what.” ― David Roche, SWAP running coach, life guru, author of The Happy Runner: Love the Process, Get Faster, Run Longer

Complete Personal Coaching:


Who is it for? 

Coaching is too often considered something reserved only for professional or elite runners. The reality is the opposite; anyone can benefit from coaching. Running is a sport a skill and movement pattern that needs training and attention – you wouldn’t learn to swim without some sort of guidance, running is no different. So if you find yourself: 

  • Stressed with training 

  • Experiencing a performance plateau or lack of progress 

  • Suffering from frequent injuries 

  • Demotivated  

  • Confused what direction to go with training 

  • Not enjoying your running 

You will likely benefit. 

How does it work? 


  • Initial athlete questionnaire/profile – A simple document to fill put so I can learn about you.

  • First consultation - (fancy word for a phone call), we will discuss all things you and your running.

  • Training block overview & guidance documents - so you can understand the process.

  • Weekly workout schedule - One to one online coaching begins, delivered over Training Peaks. 

  • Unlimited contact and feedback – Daily contact through Training Peaks and WhatsApp, to monitor you and adapt the plan based on session feedback.

  • Adapted plan - based on your response to the training and your life's various demands. 


What’s included? 

  • A bespoke tailored training plan adapted constantly based on your performance and feedback

  • Weekly workout schedule so you can plan ahead, usually set 2-4 weeks in advance

  • Flexible coaching around family and work; because life is hard

  • Training Peaks account

  • Daily session analysis and feedback – used to make training plan adjustments 

  • Race strategy, Nutrition, Recovery and Kit advice 

  • Strategic tapering and recovery plan, incorporated into training schedule 

  • Unlimited contact via email, Whatsapp and phone 

  • No monthly training and goal review via phone - We chat when you want! Your body doesn't wait for dates in a diary

Training plans

Training Plans

One off running plans delivering a comprehensive and detailed schedule for you to follow in preparation for a target race or goal fitness level.


Plans are bespoke, tailored and designed around you, the individual; meaning specific sessions based on your background/stage of development and goals. This tailored approach optimises performance and supports you towards your target race. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to training plans, so every plan is written from scratch just for you!

After purchase you will receive a conformation email asking you to fill in an athlete questionnaire which will act to gather information about you, your running history, current fitness levels, target times, goals, terrain and time available for training. Within 5 working days of receipt of the questionnaire you will be provided your own plan.


12 to 16 Week



16 to 20 Week



20 to 24 Week 



coaching Philosophy

Every athlete is unique, the philosophy is to work with you as an individual, this includes getting to know and understand you. Then providing remote, bespoke and tailored coaching that approaches your running holistically. I will work collaboratively with you to build a relationship where I can help you achieve your goals. 

The philosophy is fundamentally about translating and applying running science, research, theory and practical experience into long-term sustainable development. This includes a constantly evolving training plan based around your available time, stage of development, location and objectives; thinking holistically to meet a long term goal. This will then be broken down into blocks of training and recovery to fit round your lifestyle. We will both review your progress; your daily feedback on sessions on TrainingPeaks being a valuable source of information. I believe in flexibility and adapting a plan on a regular basis to achieve the best results.


Quite frankly, successfully meeting goals takes time and dedication, there is no shortcut around the hours and miles, success is physically learnt. But this also means subsequent rest, recovery and teamwork. It will all be worthwhile. I hope I can be part of your team.

 Broadly speaking, training is four or three phases depending on stage of development: an Aerobic Phase (maximising aerobic capacity), VO2 Max (strides and shorter intervals to improve VO2 max and neuromuscular economy), Lactate Threshold (hill, longer intervals and tempo workouts to push your lactic threshold and improve speed endurance) and a Specific Endurance Phase (practising race/challenge specifics on steady long runs). We’re almost always working on improving your running economy - your ability to run faster for less effort. And your overall aerobic capacity. 



  • I am here for total unconditional support, not just 'running coaching' – a happy athlete will perform well. 

  • Anyone can be an athlete and a runner, if you are reading this you are both. Pace and distances don't matter. 

  • Consistency – this means enjoying the process and not dwelling too much on the outcome (although we can certainly enjoy those too!); love the process and the outcome will follow, and so will long-term health and happiness.

  • Unlimited contact, daily check ins and unconditional support. 

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